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This wide version of the best selling GHD ceramic hair straighteners and is called the Salon Styler. A new version the MK IV Salon Styler and replaces the original GHD Salon Styler. The GHD IV Salon Styler is for use on long, thick hair and will tame even the most uncontrolable hair with salon results. If you have got thick hair that needs straightening then the GHD IV Salon Styling iron is perfect for you. Its advanced ceramic technology straightens and smoothes your hair. The GHD Salon Styler uses the same technology as the original ceramic hair straightening irons but its wider plates mean that this iron is ideal for thicker or heavier hair. The new MK IV Salon Styler has all the latest features of the standard width GHD IV ceramic hair straightener but with the wider plates of the original GHD Salon Styler.

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Product reviews

Review by :- bazzaar1

I got my GHD Salon Styler about 4 years ago and having struggled trying to get my naturally curly hair straight my friend recommended these. She said they would work so I went to the hairdressers to try them, I was not sure that I could get the same results on my own. Anyway she was getting some so I decided to get some aswell. I can honsetly say they are brillant but I would recommend some heat spray as they are very hot.

Review by :- goodgirl

These straighteners are the best, I used pair of 50 straighteners before I got the GHD ones and I just thought they were a waste of time. I am so happy to have these GHDs, it now doesn't take long to straighten my hair, and it lasts. I always get asked what straighteners I use. It is so worth the money. All my friends have GHD straightners and they all think they're great. One of my friends has curly hair and you would never know. Some people think GHDs are a waste of money and buy the cheaper ones but I dont think right. I have tried many different makes of straigteners and I still think GHD are best.

Review by :- officebod

They are great, I had the standard size ghd straighteners before which were good. I thought the bigger ones would be so much quicker and are to. 10 minutess when the others took at least 20. Not exactly slow even at 20 minutes (you should see my hair if you think 20 mins is a lot, lol) but the salon styler are super quick and great quality.

Review by :- daddysgirl

I tried my friends GHDs and compared to my old ones they are good. They completely straighten my hair as they get very hot and my hair will stay straight all through the day. My straighteners are useless, half an hour and my hair has gone wavy again. GHDs are expensive but IMHO are well worth the money. I have ordered some today.

Review by :- anneH

I have naturally wavy hair and have spent most of my life trying to keep it firmly under control. I purchased my GHD straighteners a few years ago, I can now say those days are behind me and I don't need to worry about a bad hair day anymore. I have experimented with other straighteners over the years but found none of them did the job. I think the ceramic plates are what makes the differance, GHD straighteners are the original ceramic hair straightener, my GHDs cost about 90 (ouch) but I could not be without them now.

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