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GHD products

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GHD MK4 combined offers

GHD Salon Styler combined offers

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Pink straighteners and dryers

ghd mk4 hair straighteners

GHD MK4 straightners

Top of the GHD products list is the latest GHD hair straightener.. the GHD MK4. Using the most up to date technology this ceramic iron is packed with all the latest features.

pink ghd hair straighteners

Pink GHD

Limited edition pink GHD released each year for Breast Cancer Awareness month. For every iron sold a donation is made to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The new Hot Pink Mk4 GHD will be available around the end of September. This product is always a hit and is sure to sell out so be sure to get yours as soon as they are released.

ghd hot pink

ghd mini hair straighteners

GHD Mini Styler

The narrow plates of the GHD Mini Styler are great for short hair styles including gents. Designed for those who find the standard GHD too wide for cropped hair.

ghd mini

ghd salon styler hair straighteners

GHD Salon Styler straightners

For longer, thicker hair we have the GHD Salon Styler with wide ceramic plates. It will tame even the most uncontrolable hair with great salon results.

ghd wide

ghd hair brush

GHD brushes

GHD hair brushes, these salon approved brushes features a solid polycarbonate handle and barrel and are the first ever pure bristle brush to be coated with natural ionic powder. This GHD porduct offers perfect tangle-free styling control, giving body, shine and a lustrous movement to your hair. Its anti-static design means not a flyaway in sight!

ghd hair brushes

GHD brush - size 1
GHD brush - size 2
GHD brush - size 3
GHD brush - size 4
GHD brush - size 5

ghd thermal protection

GHD Thermal Protection

No more worries about heat damage when straightening thanks to the new GHD thermal protector. This product contains UV protection and an ingredient which deflects heat away from the hair's surface, creating an invisible force field around the cuticle to prevent heat damage and moisture loss. So now you can heat style to your hair's content - with your hairdryer, styling irons or any other heat source.

ghd protection

GHD protection - Normal/Fine
GHD protection - Weak/Damaged
GHD protection - Dry/Coarse

ghd shampoo

GHD Shampoo

With the wide range of GHD shampoos you can take your hair straight to the top of the style charts. Each hair strand is nourished and made to look at its fullest, while static is controlled.

ghd shampoo

GHD Purifying Shampoo - all hair types
GHD Tenderness Shampoo - everyday use
GHD Elevation Shampoo - normal/fine
GHD Replenish Shampoo - dry/coarse
GHD Nurture Shampoo - weak/damaged
GHD Guardian Shampoo - coloured hair

ghd conditioner

GHD conditioner

With GHDs range of conditioners and conditioning sprays your hair will look as though its always been strong and full of life. These conditioners not only gently conditions damaged hair, it also acts as a superb intensive therapy for improving the condition of weak, treated hair. Superior strengthening ingredient penetrates deep, building in strength and resistance to breakage.

ghd conditioner

GHD Miracle Mist - shine spray
GHD Remedy Conditioner - leave in dry/coarse
GHD Elevation Conditioner - normal/fine
GHD Replenish Conditioner - dry/coarse
GHD Nurture Conditioner - weak/damaged
GHD Guardian Conditioner - coloured hair

ghd styling products

GHD styling products

With the range of GHD styling products there is sure to be one to suit your needs. Is your hair unruly, dry hair in need of a bit of taming? Get disobedient hair back under control. Frizzy, lacklustre and dry hair will become glossy and moisturised, with a long-lasting smoothness. If your hair is in need of some serious volume, then lift up those roots with the bodifying spray from GHD.

ghd products

GHD Fat Hair - volume, hold and shine
GHD Texture Lotion - controlled styles
GHD Creation Spray - heat styling
GHD Sea Spray - matt finish
GHD Smoothing Balm - straightening
GHD Obedience Cream - frizz free
GHD Maximise Mousse - volume with movement.

ghd finishing products

GHD finishing products

For that perfect finishing touch to perfect straight hair. Use GHD finishing serums, sprays and waxes for hair that is beautiful, sleek and smoothly finished. No static, no flyaways, just light, heavenly straight hair that will rival the stars.

ghd products

GHD Polishing Serum - normal/fine
GHD Shining Serum - dry/frizzy
GHD Reflection Spray - final shine
GHD Fixation Spray - firm hold
GHD Precision Wax - textured finish
GHD Sculpting Wax - matt finish
GHD Ultimate Hairspray - firm hold 200ml
GHD Ultimate Hairspray - firm hold 400ml

ghd glamour bag

GHD glamour bag

GHD glamour bag

GHD Mk4 Straighteners
Gold Purse
Clutch bag (heat protector)
GHD gold mirror
GHD thermal protector
GHD creation spray
Gold tutorial DVD

ghd glamour bag

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