Cheap GHD hair straighteners


Released in 2001 this has to be one of the most successful inventions this century. The GHD hair straighteners have taken the hair care world by storm. Due to the professional salon results produced by these hair straighteners and clever marketing along with celebrity endorsements they have become the best selling UK straightener. Jemella the manufacturers of the good hair day straightener have gone from a small company to a household name in just a few years.

They now have a range of six straighteners, the GHD MK4, the GHD Mini and the GHD Wide. Along with these there are three limited editions the GHD Pink, the new gloss black GHD Dark and all white GHD Pure.


GHD hair straighteners

Available in three sizes. The GHD IV styler for medium length hair, the GHD Mini styler for shorter hair styles and the GHD Wide Salon Styler for very long or thick hair.

GHD limited edition

The pink GHD IV styler is released to promote breast cancer awarness. Now there are two new limited editions, the gloss black GHD Dark and the all white GHD Pure.

Official GHD stockist

To obtain your two year extended manufacturers gaurentee you should only purchase you new straighteners from a GHD approved stockist.

GHD Haircare

  • Nourish

    Use GHD Thermodynamics to cleanse and nourish.

  • Protect

    Protect your hair from heat damage with GHD products.

  • Style

    The GHD Thermodynamic range has products to hold your new style.

  • Finish

    Let the beauty of your hair shine through with GHD finishing products.