GHD hair straighteners

ghd straighteners

GHD MK4 offers

These combined GHD MK4 offers give you even better value. The MK4 GHD hair straightener is brought to you along with a selection of haircare products to save you even more. They also make a great gift.

ghd straightener with iron clean

GHD MK4 with iron clean and heat mat
Use the iron clean to protect your new GHD hair straighteners and the heat mat to protect your surfaces.


ghd mk4 with ghd thermal protector

GHD MK4 with thermal protector
Latest MK4 GHD hair straighteners with GHD Thermal Protector and travel heat mat. Protect your hair and your surfaces.


ghd styler professional offer

GHD Straightener Professional offer
GHD hair straightener professional offer, four professional hair care products to help you make the most of your new GHD straighteners.


ghd straightener and wella iron oil

GHD straighteners with Wella iron oil
GHD hair straighteners with Wella hair iron oil and heat mat.


ghd iron and ghd rescue drops

GHD straightener and rescue drops
GHD hair straightener and GHD rescue drops for weak, damaged hair and split ends. Also includes a heatmat.


ghd ceramic styler and ghd indulgence

GHD MK4 with GHD Indulgence
GHD MK4 ceramic hair straightener with GHD Indulgence Thermodynamics, a weekly treatment mask to keep your hair in top condition.


ghd styler with curl kit

GHD styler and Tigi curl kit
GHD styler curl kit, you don't just have to straighten with your new GHDs and the Tigi curl kit you can do lots more.


ghd mk4 styler

GHD MK4 party pack
GHD hair straightener party pack, haircare products put together for that special night out.


GHD hair straighteners

The new GHD Professional hair straightener has improved performance and more features. This adds up to one of the most advanced straighteners available today.


With the release of the latest GHD the naming changed from 3.1b for the original to GHD IV Styler. The new Mini and wide Salon Styler followed soon after.

Official GHD stockist

To obtain your two year extended manufacturers guarantee you should only purchase your new GHD hair straighteners from an approved GHD stockist. You can register your new GHD hair straighteners online at

GHD IV features

The latest generation hair straighteners bring you even more new features.

Cheap GHD

If you looking for a cheap ghd hair straightener you need look no further. We compare the leading approved GHD stockists for the best price.

GHD MK4 features

  • The latest generation GHD hair straightener features.

  • Dual voltage

    The new IV Stylers can be used around the world due to its auto voltage control. This means you can take them away with you without the need for heavy and expensive adaptors.

  • Sleep mode

    If your stylers are left unattended for 30 minutes they will automatically go into sleep mode and turn off.

  • Shiver Mode

    Protects your GHDs from damage due to condensation which can form on the inside of your straighteners in cold, damp conditions.

  • Rounder Barrel

    The redesigned rounder barrel makes creating curls even easier.